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Position: Junior Ruby Engineer

Location: Shanghai

Job Descriptions:

1.Participate in the analysis and functional design for business requirements;

2.Responsible for the design and development of web-based applications;

3. Interface design and development for mobile Apps;

4. Architecture design and performance optimization of HPB server-side.


1. Bachelor degree or above,IT related majors;

2. 1-3 years of experience working on Ruby server-side development;

3. Skilled in Ruby programming and web frameworks such as Rails, etc;

4. Skilled in databases, such as MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, etc.

5. Skilled in testing tools, such as Rspec;

6. Skilled in the design of RESTful API;

7. Skilled in Git;

8. Skilled in the Linux system development environment, and related tools.


Position: Junior Java Engineer

Location: Shanghai

Job Descriptions:

1.Complete the design, code implementation, functional verification and module testing of the functional modules;

2.Capable of solving problems independently;

3.Capable of writing documents, such as project descriptions, etc.

4.Complete the tasks as assigned.


1.Bachelor degree or above, IT related majors, with 3 + years of experience working on JAVA development, thorough understanding of object-oriented design ideas;

2.Skilled in open source frameworks, such as Spring MVC, Spring Boot, mybatis, JSON, restful, rpc, etc;

3.Skilled in the development of Mysql and Oracle, and have knowledge of database performance optimization;

4.Skilled in Redis, nginx;

5.Related experience in multithreading and high concurrency scenarios is preferred;

6.Related experience in software development of financial industry is preferred;

7. Related experience in blockchain technology is preferred;

8. Familiar with the configuration and use of Linux and mainstream web servers;

9. Good coding habits, proficient in Git and Maven

10. Proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, etc.


Position: Graphic Designer

Location: Shanghai

Job Descriptions:

1.Responsible for all the graphic designs related to the company's business;

2. Assist other departments to complete their required graphic design;

3. Design website, brochures, graphics for announcements/social media posts and event posters;

4. Perform miscellaneous deign tasks as needed.


1.Arts & Design related majors;

2.Good computer skills especially PS, AI, 3D, etc;

3.Unique visual aesthetics, professional experience on designing;

4.Related Internet advertising experience is preferred;

5.Knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest is preferred;

6.Please attach your portfolio to the resume.


Position: Senior Business Marketing Manager

Location: Shanghai

Job Descriptions:

1. Responsible for developing partner ecosystem (including but not limited to blockchain industry);

2. Business expansion (includes but are not limited to government, media, enterprises, startups);

3. Promote marketing planning and implementation of important projects, and follow up on the projects;

4. Responsible for negotiation and training.


1. Bachelor degree or above, with 3 + years of experience working on business, marketing, and training.

2. Managers and experts with experience and honors of Top Sales or Top Teams are preferred;

3. Language proficiency in Chinese and English;

4. Work well under pressure

5. Proactive, balanced, self-starter, and willing to help others.


Position: Blockchain Technical Community Intern

Location: Shanghai

Job Descriptions:

1. Responsible for running more than 10 technical communities, such as WeChat Official Accounts and CSDN;

2. Post weekly technical articles as required;

3. Contents of the articles are provided by Tech Team or our technical community;

4. Responsible for layout optimization, and learn more about blockchain industry;

5. Provide a timely feedback on the technical issues from the community.


1. Potential graduates/graduates with bachelor degree or above, and willing to learn new knowledge or skills;

2. Experienced in running WeChat Official Accounts;

3. Positive and proactive, with good communication skills;

4. Experience in blockchain or IT related majors is preferred;

5. Experience in managing campus clubs is preferred.