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Blockchain Offload Engine

HPB utilizes dedicated high specification servers and the BOE hardware units. These chipsets are designed to increase security, and accelerate the rate at which transactions are processed by reducing bottlenecks in the server.

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Major Advantages of the BOE

The BOE has the ability to encrypt data, randomize block structures, and support encrypted virtual machines. Our BOE is developed from the perspective of creating an integrative network, improving performance and security.

Key Benefits of the BOE
Key Benefits of the BOE

Enhance the performance of the network, enabling widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

Key Benefits of the BOE

Enhanced security by providing two layers of security through hardware and software.

Key Benefits of the BOE

Hardware random number generator ensures that data structure is fully randomized.

Key Benefits of the BOE

Reduce the costs of maintaining the network.

The BOE includes the following modules and chips
TCP/TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE)
Optimizes the throughput for high-speed Ethernet systems.
MAC Module
Handles the processing of data packets transferred from Ethernet cables.
Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm ECDSA Module
Performs signature verification processes to be done at a high rate. This module is essential to creating a system capable of thousands of signatures per second.
Hardware Random Number Generator
Generates random numbers to protect transactions, increasing the security and reliability of encrypted channels.